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Why Humorous, Sometimes Sassy, Southern Grandma-Isms…..?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ask your grandmother, or perhaps your mom or dad, a question about life or relationships or parenting or the Bible or planting a tree?

In my journey to a simple life, I’ve leaned heavily on what I affectionately refer to as my ‘Grandma-isms”. They are timeless nuggets of wisdom that my Grandmother passed on to my mom and to me (and countless others). I have quoted these valuable nuggets of wisdom to my own daughters and younger women that I’ve coached and mentored and they often bring laughter and true ‘aha’ moments. I’d like to invite you to enjoy the humor and a little lighter side of life with me.

I am kicking off what would best be called my “Dear Grandma” Advice Column that may best be described as a ‘sassy, southern-style wisdom that is both humorous and helpful. It is a place to ask questions as well as share nuggests of timeless wisdom that you may have gained from a loved one through your life.

My Grandmother who left this life 40 years ago, was and is the most influential relationship in my life. My family and closest friends would tell you that I quote some of her many ‘grandma-isms’ every day and this timeless wisdom (and the Bible), are the two strongest forces that determine how I, most often, choose to do life. I’d love to share her wisdom with You….

In the Comment Section Below, send your question and I will respond to you personally. Some questions (& answers), I will share on my blog.  Be assured, I will not use your name or any personal information.

At times, we may wonder what Grandma might say about the things in our lives that matter most…...

Feel Free to Ask Questions, Share Insights / Grandma-Isms or Comment Below:

What Would Grandma Say About…..?

*developing better relationships

*marriage and parenting 

*simple living

*growing during difficult seasons

*faith in Christ 

Sheri Geyer hails from Savannah, has a bit of a sassy, southern-style, loves a simple life, reading, fireside chats, porch visits, sunsets, peach tea, family, special friends, and her fur babies. The coolest thing that is happening in her world right now is that she will be a 1st time Grandma in May 2020!

I invite you to share and visit often when you need a smile! Laughter is the best medicine…


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Dear Sheri™

Sheri Geyer was born in Savannah, and has spent most of her life in Georgia, both in rural areas and living in the big city of Atlanta. Sheri is a Master Certified Christian Life Coach whose career includes 30+ years of ministry and successful business ownership.

Through her work, personal life experience and mostly her Grandmother’s Wisdom, Sheri has developed a passion for encouraging others to enjoy a more simplified life in all of the significant areas. She provides her tried and true, southern “Grandma-isms” to guide others to a path of peace that often leads to a more fulfilling life and the best version of themselves.

Sheri writes at SheriGeyer.Blog offering encouraging perspectives for living simply. She also coaches groups and individuals on the benefit of living life in a manner that aligns with the values that are most important to them.

Sheri is Managing Broker of Fathom Realty-Savannah. She and her husband, Jeff Geyer, are teamed up in Real Estate as The Geyer Team.

A “Brady Bunch Mom” of sorts, Sheri has 3 daughters and 3 stepsons, and enjoys a simple life in the Savannah area with hubby, Jeff, and furry buddies, Libby & Max (doggies) and Snow & Storm (kitties). She is a Grandma-to-be, coming May 2020!

She enjoys reading, writing, fireside and porch chats, coffee & tea, family & friends, simple living, clean eating, fresh air, older music, rocking chairs, her hubby and kiddos, fur babies, and Real Estate.

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