What is the Value of a Mentor?

 Mentoring is designed to equip, encourage, empower and connect women. A Mentor acts as a trusted guide, teacher, cheerleader and coach. She is one who is willing to share her life by being transparent and vulnerable and walking with younger women through the various seasons of life to provide wisdom and insight.

What Mentoring is Not:

•It is not a replacement for a discipleship group or Bible study.

•It is not a therapy or professional counseling.

•It involves spiritual and practical guidance for the seasons of life.

The Value of Mentors 

Accountability: One who has a heart for mentoring inspires her Mentee to define her goals. A Mentor encourages others to become the best they can be. 

Godly Guidance: A Mentor is able to help a Mentee filter through the clutter of constant pressures and decisions and look to Jesus. She does more “asking” than “telling”.  She facilitates and guides, with the Bible as her greatest resource. 

Prayer: Sharing life with a Mentor who knows the heart of her Mentee and faithfully prays, can be a powerful source of hope and encouragement through life’s seasons.

“The lasting value of our public service for God is measured by the depth of the intimacy of our private times of fellowship and oneness with Christ.”  Oswald Chambers

Your greatest influence of encouraging others to spend time with the Lord will be a direct result of your commitment to this in your own life. 

In all of life we have something to gain and something to give to others…..dive in!