My Journey to a Simple Life

It’s not so much about the number of items we own and use, but, rather, it’s leveraging the time and additional cost of heating / cooling / maintaining / repairing / insuring / and securing items we may ‘some day’ use vs. enjoying what we have and developing more worthwhile pursuits in the here and now…. We are not guaranteed that ‘some day’ will ever come. But, we do have today! 😊

A life with too much stuff is a difficult one because the more things we have, the more problems we bring into our life. Striving and obtaining more and more items that provide little or no value to our lives is counterproductive to enjoying a simple and fulfilling life. Learn to choose that which is important in your life and learn to let go of things that have no relevance in your life. You will create a life of value and significance.

Pursuing less means intentionally choosing to focus on what is truly important in your life. Eliminating and repurposing items you do not need will not leave you lacking, as some may believe; it will enrich your life in the essential areas. Instead of spending time maintaining a multitude of unnecessary things, you will be free to pursue the things and relationships that you truly hold dear and you will experience more peace with yourself.