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Advice Column: What I Would Ask Grandma if She Were Here…

My Grandmother who left this life 40 years ago, was and is the most influential relationship in my life. My family and closest friends would tell you that I quote some of her many ‘grandma-isms’ every day and this timeless wisdom (and the Bible), are the two strongest forces that determine how I, most often, choose to do life. I’d love to share her wisdom with You….

In the Comment Section Below, send your question and I will respond to you personally. Some questions I will answer publically on my blog, but I will not use your real name or any personal information.

Feel free to ask me what Grandma might say about:

*developing better relationships (marriage / parenting / work / life)

*the journey to simplifying your life

*minimalism: what is it & why?

*faith in Christ

*growing during difficult seasons

*adding laughter to your life ~ it is the best medicine!

*Grandma’s nuggets of wisdom on the issues and concerns of life

Sheri Geyer is a Certified Leadership Coach, Writer, Realtor, Wife & Mom

***I love reading, writing, fireside and porch chats, coffee & tea, sunsets, a simple life, my hubby, my kiddos, my fur babies, and the many friends I’ve been blessed to have!

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