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Growing a Faith Bigger than Your Fear

Many times, we find ourselves in a season of worry. We may be tempted to worry over health, finances, family, relationships, career, safety, or various other challenges that we may or may not have to face in life. Jesus understood that seasons of worry are inevitable in our lives. Because […]

Weathering the Storms of Life…

How is the weather where you are today? Is it cold, rainy, sunny, cloudy, snowy, windy or perhaps, shaky?  We know that it can change from day to day, or depending on where you are, from hour to hour. Growing up near Savannah, Georgia, we would jestingly tell those visiting, […]

Growing up the little child within …

Within every one of us is a little child who has leftover childhood needs. Many times our parents did not listen to us. Our boundaries [personal limits] have been violated and often result in anger, resentment, procrastination, promiscuity, various physical ailments, introversion, perversion, and even self-destruction. We lose our ability […]