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Hi, I’m Sheri Geyer. I am a Real Estate Broker, Leadership Coach, Mentor, and author of “Dear Sheri” I : an advice coluumn based on wisdom I received from my Grandmother on the joy of simple living.  ***I love reading, writing, fireside and porch chats, coffee & tea, sunsets, a simple an Advice Column where I share thoughts and ideas based on wisdom I’ve learned from my Grandmother. I have a passion for encouraging others to find joy in life through an intimate walk with Christ and mastering the art of simplifying the important areas of our lives so that we may continually shine forth as the best version of ourselves. in life and relationships.

I am teamed up with my hubby, Jeff, as Realtors on The Geyer Team at Fathom Realty Savannah.

A “Brady Bunch” of sorts, I have 3 daughters and Jeff has 3 sons. ***I love reading, writing, fireside and porch chats, coffee & tea, sunsets, my hubby, my kiddos, family & frineds, and a simplified life with Jeff in a small cabin in Guyton, GA (my Grandmother’s birthplace) and our fur babies, Libby & Max (doggies) and Snow & Storm!

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  1. I’m so happy to have received your email this morning, as it led me to this site full of light, love and strength. As someone who was not brought up with any encouragement to form a relationship with God and live by His will, your words help me to understand how to go about doing that by putting it all into action, into the context of the real world. I look forward to continue reading what you have to say and learning from you. Sending my love and prayers to you and your family, many of whom I know and love dearly. Thank you Sheri. Happy Holidays!


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